Vanity Phone light

Vanity Phone light

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The Vanity Phone Light will upgrade your social media game. Its bright LED lights provide the best lighting anywhere that you go. Never have trouble with the lighting capture any moment at any time with the Vanity Phone Light. Have the best lighting to check up on your makeup at any point of the day. Make it easy to check up on your makeup after a long day.


  • "I bought this and it literally helped me get more followers on Instagram. The lighting just let me post content anywhere I went and I never had trouble with not enough light to post"- Jessica Sticks
  • "I literally carry this light on me all the time. I keep it on the small side pocket of my purse because I always check up on my makeup on the go and this light just makes it so easy to see all the small defects on my makeup"-Sydney Parkinson
  • "I got this and I have never gotten something so useful. Planning to get one for my sister this holiday season. She is just getting into makeup and I know she will find this so useful. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars easily" -Victoria Rose Ellet


  • Increase your social media following. The Vanity Light allows you to capture any moment at any time.
  • Perfect lighting to check up on your makeup on long days. Just use the light and the camera on your phone!
  • Long battery life
  • Led Lights
  • Fits all phones/tablets


Q: Will this fit my Iphone?

A: Yes, it fits all phones/tablets


Q: Are the lights Bright?

A: Yes they are LED Lights


Q: Will it break easily?

A: No, the Vanity Phone Light is a very sturdy product